I am currently, as of Feb. 26, 2012, holding another exhibition with the drawing, this time titled For Every Face a Different Color, by the 12 Zodiac Animals (previously just For Every Face a Different Color), at Ilgok Gallery. The exhibition period is Feb. 17~ Feb. 29, 2012 and the expected number of visitors to the exhibit are at least 1,000.

Some people who were passing by helped with the installation

I am (far right) pinning the drawing onto the wall

I am pinning my drawing onto the wall

View of the drawing

With staff of the library that runs the gallery

Speaking with a visitor who happened to be a young architect

Beside the banner at the entrance

At the entrance of the gallery

Working on my drawing

Now for part 2, I unrolled my 33 meter drawing in February of 2012 to retouch it for an upcoming exhibition, a solo show this time. It was enough work for at least a week.
Working on the drawing

Working on the drawing

One of the redone dragons

A George Washington rabbit

Working on the large dragon

A repainted monkey

Working on the drawing

After coloring over it with a layer of acrylic paints, I entered my drawing into the “Young Artists Exhibition” at Dongshin University. The exhibition lasted from August 30~ September 23, 2011.

View of For Every Face... on exhibit

View of For Every Face... on exhibit

First Section- Creation from chaos

Section 2- the rat

Section 3- diversity

Section 4- the ox

Section 5

Section 6- the tiger

Section 7

Section 8- the rabbit

Section 9

Section 10- the dragon

Section 11

Section 12- the snake

Section 13

Section 14- the horse

Section 15

Section 16- the ram (sheep in depiction)

Section 17

Section 18- the monkey

Section 19

Section 20- the rooster

Section 21

Section 22- the dog

Section 23- Neutrality

Section 24- the pig

Myself at the entrance of the exhibition

Myself in front of the ox


I began with sketches of zodiac animals onto paper, scanned them, colored them using computer software and had them printed out on 33 meter-long, nonwoven fabric. Then I colored over them with acrylic.
Working on the drawing

Working on the drawing

Working on the drawing